What does Ennobled mean?

The American Boer Goat Association, with offices in San Angelo, TX, has been the premier registry since the Boer goat came to the United States in 1993. One of the goals of the first ABGA Board of Directors was to implement a program to recognize the best of the best. Policies and procedures for the Ennobled Herdbook were drafted in 1995 and approved in 1996. Subsequent Boards and several committees labored for another two years in the development of the current criteria and procedures for the Ennobled Herdbook. Several breeders from South Africa validated the merit of this program and contributed Ideas toward its construction.

Animals which attain registration into the Ennobled Herdbook provide breeders with visual definitions of the Breed Standards as adopted by the American Boer Goat Association. The Ennoblement program is meant to provide a direction and an incentive for the continual improvement and growth of the Boer goat.

To obtain the distinguished title of 'Ennobled', a fullblood or purebred Boer goat must meet or exceed the following criteria:

A Boer goat must pass visual inspection for breed standards and earn a total of eighty points, with no less than thirty of these total points having been earned by combining points from at least three of his or her progeny and those progeny must have passed visual inspection. Non-inspected Boer goats can achieve Ennobled status through their progeny, when at least three of these progeny have earned a combined total of one hundred points and those progeny have passed visual inspection, as certified by the ABGA Secretary.

These points may be earned through the show ring or through performance tests approved by the American Boer Goat Association. The ABGA will announce each entry into the Ennobled Herdbook as additional animals become qualified.